multicultural marketing & branding

Companies expanding on a global scale have always had to adapt their messages and offerings to new markets, while taking into account the differences in customer culture, values, attitudes, expectations and behaviors. Effectively targeting ethnic populations requires that they apply these principles domestically as well.

Whether your company targets local non-English speaking communities around the corner or those located around the globe,
intránsol can be the valuable global marketing and branding partner you need to reach your target audiences with language and creative elements they understand and find appealing.

Our global creative team consists of seasoned graphic artists and creative professionals who are connected by both language and culture to the intended target market or audience. They are experts at recognizing cultural trends and filters and they have their fingers on the pulse of the current buying habits, fashions, what's hot and what's not in the minds and realities of the ethic groups they are part of. What's more, they know about the impact and importance of color, imagery and other elements that affect the overall success of an ethnic marketing campaign

a full menu of services

  • Multilingual market research
  • Global name research, evaluation, field-testing and validation
  • Brand, product and design research
  • Conceptual development and design
  • Cultural & linguistic consulting
  • Focus groups for ethnic populations
  • Global brand positioning
  • Graphic consultation for imagery, colors and other creative elements
  • Graphic design and creative direction for ethnic markets
  • International public relations facilitation
  • Language and cultural awareness training
  • Marketing assistance for culture-specific campaigns
  • Media placement and purchasing
  • On-site marketing campaign launch assistance
  • Point-of-purchase (POP) campaigns

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