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Interpretation is an art that requires training and perfect fluency between two languages. Interpreters must make instant decisions to select correct words and phrases to instantly render messages, ideas and information accurately and effectively, with no margin for error. It is oral communication and once expressed, there is no opportunity to go back and make edits or changes.

The term interpretation applies to the spoken word. Whether you need a consecutive-style interpreter for a business meeting, medical exam or deposition, or simultaneous interpreters for a conference, tour or presentation,
intránsol can help.

consecutive interpretation

In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter listens to and notes what the speaker is saying. Once the speaker finishes speaking a short segment, the interpreter repeats what was said in another language during a pause allowed by the speaker. Consecutive interpretation is usually done without the use of interpretation equipment. Situations requiring consecutive interpretation usually include small meetings, medical exams, depositions, court hearings, etc.

simultaneous interpretation

In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter wears a headset through which he or she hears the speaker through a central PA system. While the interpreter listens to the speaker, he or she speaks into a microphone connected to a transceiver and relays the interpreted information to the listeners who hear the interpreted message simultaneously through headsets. Simultaneous interpreters must be very highly skilled and trained and they must be perfectly bilingual and able to interpret simultaneously and on-the-fly.

our interpreters:

  • Are screened and selected based on specific interpretation training and experience
  • Are certified to work in the court system under oath, and during medical exams
  • Have in-depth knowledge of the subject matter

You can rely on our years of experience and expertise for interpretation services for any type of event or venue, such as:

  • Business meetings
  • Conferences
  • Employee training
  • Hearings, discoveries or depositions
  • Hospital visits
  • Medical exams or evaluations
  • Presentations

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