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The quickest, easiest and most inexpensive means to a truly global business presence is online. A presence on the Web today is critical to business success. The formula is simple: the more potential customers you address in their languages, the more your company will sell. Our Global Web Solutions (GWS) will give you the competitive edge you need to grow your web-based business with customers around the planet whose native tongues may be Twi, Lamani, Telugu or Wolof...

We're ready to translate your HTML files, Java applets, CGI, Perl and other scripts into just about any language and deliver them ready for uploading to your server. We offer two options for web localization:

  • text-only:
    With the "text only" option, clients take responsibility for formatting the HTML pages and localizing all graphic elements. We manage the translation of all text, including meta tags, alt tags and text that has been extracted from graphic files by the client. This process entails the client providing us with all of the text to be translated in a Word file or Excel database and we deliver the translated text in the same format.

  • server-ready:
    A more comprehensive and "hands off" solution for you is to provide the html pages, usable graphic files (i.e., layered PhotoShop or Illustrator files) and any special fonts of the pages that require localization. We will respond with a quote and schedule to provide you with server-ready localized html pages and graphics that can be uploaded directly to your server.

software localization

intránsol has the experience and technical savvy to localize software code for different operating systems and platforms, from Windows, Mac and Unix.

  • Resource files
  • Help files
  • Readme files
  • Screen shots
  • Word processing and dtp files
  • Incidental files

We can also assist you with testing software on different platforms and operating systems in different areas of the world through our network of language and software consultants.

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