translation memory (TM) management

We utilize a variety of computer assisted translation (CAT) and translation memory (TM) tools to improve efficiency, maintain consistency and to help our clients reduce costs. Translation memory software (TM) helps our translators, proofreaders, editors and project managers turn projects around quickly by aligning text and populating databases or memories of translated text. Words, phrases, sentences and entire blocks of text are analyzed and as our linguists move ahead through the documentation, repetitive language does not need to be re-translated each time, thus making the entire process more efficient, highly consistent and less costly. Not only that, but translation memories grow with time so the more you translate, the more populated a memory becomes, and the more you save.

At the initiation of each project, files are analyzed for repetitive and previously translated text to determine volume and pricing. Translation memories become valuable global documentation assets that are tailored specifically for each and every client. Time-to-market is greatly enhanced because much of the translation and localization process becomes automated. TMs are not shared, distributed or released to any third party but are used solely for each client's translation needs and are archived indefinitely on ITS high capacity servers for access at each project launch. Creating and maintaining TMs requires specific training, knowledge and expertise. This technology is an integral component of our internal processes to work more efficiently and provide superior end results to all of our clients.

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