multilingual voice talent, subtitling & audio-visual services

For voiceovers ("dubbing") or subtitling of videos, films or television, we have a large selection of professional actors talent available in all languages. As your organization reaches out to communicate to new customers, or even to your employees whose native language is not English, we can provide you with the solutions you need to get your messages across authentically and with panache.

We provide native-speaking talent and coaches who have the experience and expertise to make your videos, presentations and other voice and multimedia projects come alive in any language and dialect with professional results. We have partnerships with local studios for voiceover, subtitling and computer graphics (CG) work or we will be happy to work with the studio of your choice.

We assist our customers with all types of multilingual audio-visual projects, including:

  • Voiceovers by professional foreign language voice talent
  • Foreign language coaches
  • Film subtitles
  • Lip-synching
  • Powerpoint presentations, trade show materials, etc.
  • Script preparation and script writing
  • Script consultation for multicultural audiences
  • Subtitles, captions, computer graphics, character generation
  • Studio coordination, planning and facilitation
  • Consultation on appropriate accents and dialects
  • Video editing and production
  • Movies and Final Cut productions
  • Multilingual kiosks
  • Duplication and packaging of cds & dvds
  • Foreign language sound bytes (mp3s, quicktime, wav files)
  • Foreign language voice messaging

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