Why you should choose INTRANSOL

We know that there are a host of translation service providers to choose from ranging in size and capabilities. If you are new to translation —or simply need better service that what you’re currently getting— you can be faced with the seemingly daunting task of trying to determine just who to turn to for consistent quality, service and support at prices that make sense. Anyone who has worked with companies that make big promises yet fail to deliver the needed results will appreciate the fact that intransol is not just different, but better.

Success in translation is about building strategic partnerships.

You can be confident that intransol is the best choice as your company’s multilingual communication partner because:

  • We believe that while the need for quality translation and multilingual communication may be a common thread among companies, no two companies are exactly alike and therefore, your unique needs and goals must be recognized and addressed.
  • Our translators, proofreaders, editors, interpreters and voice talent are all native-speaking, accredited or certified professionals with subject matter expertise in your industry. All of our language associates are carefully screened and selected according to rigorous standards of quality and professionalism and each and every project is matched with the most qualified language professionals in the industry.
  • We employ ISO quality standards as part of our Integrated Quality Control Process (IQCP) based on team-oriented steps and guidelines involving a carefully spelled out system of checks and balances to produce results that are always accurate, precise, authentic and error-free.
  • We take the time to get to know you, your company, your corporate culture, your concerns, motives and objectives in order to tailor solutions for you and your company that really work.
  • We don’t add fees for heavy overheads, sales commissions or services you’ll never need.
  • We don’t make promises that we cannot keep. In fact, we will always under promise and over deliver.
  • We provide you with a very clear and detailed quote for each project detailing the costs, the processes involved, what each step entails and how the project will unfold according to your exact specifications.
  • We consistently deliver on-time and within budget.
  • We create very effective teams. Our translators, proofreaders and editors are comprised of only the most highly trained and qualified linguists around the world. Our network includes over 1,000 subject-specialized language associates who are completely dedicated to the success of each and every project.
  • Our project managers, designers, production artists and internal support staff are trained and experienced professionals who know what it takes to deliver consistent results. They have experience living in foreign countries (many are native speakers of different languages) and have an intimate understanding of different languages and cultures.
  • The same project management team members will work with you over time thus gaining an intimate knowledge and awareness of your materials, content, workflow and objectives. Our project managers become your own personal translation support staff available for you whenever you need them.
  • Quality is never given a back seat and no project is complete until you, your end-users and your customers are completely satisfied.