Interpreting for Virtual Meetings

Virtual interpretation made easy

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INTRANSOL™ has established a strategic partnership with Zoom to provide our clients with Virtual Simultaneous Interpretation for Meetings and Webinars. The Zoom Language Interpretation feature allows you to schedule meetings and events with interpreters for your multilingual participants and allows for full simultaneous interpretation on designated audio channels within your Zoom meetings.

How the Zoom Language Interpretation feature works

If you already have a Zoom business, education or enterprise account and have the language interpretation feature already set up, we can provide you with our professional simultaneous interpreters for each language. We can also coordinate rehearsals, sound checks and material familiarization prior to the meeting or webinar. If you do not have a Zoom business account, no problem! We can assign you with a one-time use of one of our Zoom Business licenses that has the language interpretation feature enabled.

As the host, you simply enable the interpretation feature which will allow interpreters located anywhere in the world to provide the interpretation their language’s audio channels. You can use your own interpreters or ours. Send invites to the designated interpreters in each language by email. Your attendees can then select the audio channel in their language to hear the simultaneously translated content. Participants will also have the option to mute the original source language, or set it to a lower volume than the translated language. 

While practicing social distancing and with travel and other cost limitations removed, you can now easily invite speakers and participants to your meetings from anywhere in the world in other languages.

Zoom language interpretation by ìntränsōl
ìntränsōl has established a strategic partnership with Zoom™ to provide our clients with Virtual Simultaneous Interpretation for meetings and webinars in all major languages.

With more and more people participating in virtual meetings and webinars during the COVID-19 pandemic, communicating with people in other languages has become a whole lot easier with our Virtual Interpretation Services. If your organization has international or multicultural customers, service recipients or stakeholders, the ability to conduct virtual meetings with them in their language is not just a “nice to have” luxury — it’s a necessity.

Whether you use your own Zoom business, education or enterprise account or ours, we are happy to provide you with a very easy and affordable solution to provide interpretation services for your Zoom meetings in virtually any language.

Equipment and Software Requirements for Zoom Language Interpretation

Hosts: Must have a Zoom business, education or enterprise license or a Zoom plan with the webinar feature added.

Participants: Must download the Zoom app from the Zoom download center. The Zoom business, education or enterprise plan is not required for participants, but they should have the current version of the Zoom software prior to an event.

Zoom’s Desktop Client
Windows:  4.5.3261.0825 or higher
Mac: macOS: 4.5.3261.0825 or higher

Zoom Mobile Apps
Android: 4.5.3261.0825 or higher

iOS: 4.5.0 (3261.0825) or higher

Tip! Mobile devices with small screens (i.e., cell phones) are not recommended for the host, interpreter, or LEP participant. Meeting controls and options may function differently or be more difficult to use on these devices.

Connectivity: A broadband internet connection with at least 5 MBPS upload/download (10 MBPS is safer) and a maximum 50 ms of ping (latency). Use to test speed and ping.

Computer: Most modern and up-to-date desktop and laptop computers will work well. Minimum system requirements per Zoom are Dual Core 2 Ghz or higher (Intel i3/i5/i7 or AMD equivalent) and 4 GB RAM.

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