Voiceovers, captioning and subtitles

Let us take your A/V projects to a whole new level in any language.

When you need to produce A/V materials in other languages, INTRANSOL has the resources and experience you need for amazing results. Our multilingual multimedia solutions include professional, native-speaking voice talent, coaches, script writing, script translation, editing, proofreading, subtitles, captions, presentations, studio coordination, and more.

The multilingual voice talent professionals of INTRANSOL are ready to assist with your next A/V project. Whether you need a young, upbeat female Latin American Spanish speaker to appeal to your Latino millennial customers, or an older, serious and distinguished male voice actor in Mandarin Chinese, INTRANSOL can help. Take a look at the following link of demos of some of our talent in various languages. Let us know who you would like for your next project. Or, if you would like additional demos in other languages, just let us know. We will match you with the perfect talent for the job.

• Multilingual voice talent
• Studio coaches
• Script writing for global audiences
• Script translation
• Editing previously translated scripts

• Subtitles and captions
• Studio coordination 
• Accent and dialect coaching
• Subtitles and captions
• Lip synching
• Multilingual presentation prep 
• Sound bytes and audio clips
• Foreign language messaging
• Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Script translation

If your script is still in English and you need it translated, not to worry. The native-speaking, industry-expert linguists of INTRANSOL have their fingers on the pulse of the latest colloquialisms, expressions and jargon in your industry and will transcreate the script so it reads as if it were originally authored in the target language and fits within the same time parameters of the original. The result will be a script that our voice actors find super easy to follow and understand which will eliminate the need for on-the-fly corrections or edits in the studio.

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