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Publication-Ready Translation: $349

  • Includes up to 1,600 English words, pro-rated after that
  • English to/from any language that we handle (your choice of one)
  • Any type of content meant to be published or distributed (except technical) such as catalogs, manuals, brochures, sales literature, packaging, questionnaires, surveys, blogs, web content, etc.
  • Request A Quote for technical text
  • Includes proofreading and QA reviews by our accredited translation teams for accuracy, completeness, grammatical and linguistic integrity, cultural and technical authenticity and correct terminology usage for the target market and applicable industry
  • Please provide text files (additional charges may apply to extract text from PDFs, design files, graphics or to translate around code)
  • 4-5 day delivery time M-F excluding national holidays
  • Inquire about RUSH service if needed

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