Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

Conference interpreting made easy

Get traditional conference interpretation with a tech boost at your next event. With Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) services from INTRANSOL™, you can provide dozens of languages at once to hundreds of multilingual attendees across multiple parallel breakout sessions, all in real time.

RSI is an effortless and convenient language interpretation solution for conferences and events tailored to your specific needs. RSI connects you with our highly qualified Remote Simultaneous Interpreters from around the world, ensuring that you get the highest-quality service at the best global rate.

intransol remote simultaneous interpreting
Our remote simultaneous interpreters connect in real-time as if they are in the same room.

How RSI works

Let’s imagine that presenters at your conference, symposium or seminar will be speaking in one language but there will be participants who do not speak or understand that language fluently. With RSI, the audio and video of the event are streamed live to our Remote Simultaneous  Interpreters who see and hear the presenters on their computers. They then interpret simultaneously what is said into the languages of the participants using their smartphones or tablets with our FREE RSI APP to listen to the audio in their own native language. The simultaneous interpretation is streamed live with no delay or drop in quality. Participants hear everything crystal clear, as if our interpreters were in the same room. 

intransol remote simultaneous interpretation
The RSI app is available as a free download.

RSI Benefits

RSI is effortless

Because participants use their smart phones or other electronic devices, there is no need for cumbersome traditional headsets and receivers. The setup is hassle-free, and it's an easy and intuitive user experience that allows participants to fully enjoy and engage in the event.

RSI is eco-friendly

Because interpreters don’t need to travel and there is no rental of large interpreting equipment such as sound booths, interpreter consoles, cables, transmitters, receivers, etc., the carbon footprint of an event is significantly reduced which helps the environment!

RSI is highly-reliable

We have partnered with Interprefy™, the industry leader in RSI technology. The system has been used for hundreds of international conferences and events with rave reviews by customers. You can be completely confident that the interpretation services for your event will be 100% glitch-free.

RSI is cost-effective

There are no travel costs for interpreters or expensive equipment rentals and its related labor. And there aren't any costs for travel, lodging, parking and per diems normally associated with on-site conference interpreters. With RSI, users save an average of 30-50% over traditional simultaneous conference interpretation.

intransol remote simultaneous interpreting
Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) is streamed live with no delay or drop in quality.

Simplicity, affordable rates, and expert simultaneous interpreters make Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) services from INTRANSOL™ the preferred solution for conferences or events with international attendees. Provide your global audience with an interpretation solution that’s easy to use for them and cost-effective for your organization. Your global participants will thank you for allowing them to be more informed and engaged during the event and for having a greatly improved user experience.

Contact INTRANSOL™ for more information and a quote for integrating RSI into your next international conference or event.