Global Eyes & Local Eyes

Meeting the needs of specific languages, cultures or a target population’s look and feel

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Website localization

Given that 95% of consumers in the world live outside the United States, 80% of the world’s population does not speak English and 73% of online shoppers prefer sites in their own languages, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment to make information about your products and services on your website available in other languages. If you work for a global company with a strong web presence or much of your business is derived from online exposure and sales, a site that is multilingual will:

  • Engage your customers in their languages
  • Enhance the user experience
  • Generate more business
  • Give you more repeat business from multicultural customers

There’s no country in the world where only one language is spoken, including the United States. Although English may seem to be enough, you could be missing out on a huge market share by not having your site localized.

We will help you plan ahead by thinking about the navigation of your site. How will your foreign users be directed to the correct pages? Your home page may need to greet visitors in several languages at once. It’s usually best to give them a language option using the native name of the language. For example, the multilingual menu options for your site should simply be “English”, “Française”, “Italiano”, “Deutsch”, “Español”, “Svenska”, “русский”, “中文”, “日本語”, “한국어”, and so forth.

Multilingual chat

Your customers around the corner and around the planet who speak other languages not only want information about your products and services on your website in their languages, but they also may have questions and need to speak with someone at your company who speaks their language. Obviously staffing your call center with people in multiple languages would be an expensive proposition. This is where an automated multilingual ChatBot on your site could prove to be invaluable. It could be set up to answer many frequently asked questions (FAQs) in multiple languages in a conversational way using intuitive prompts through Natural Language Processing (NLP). A multilingual ChatBot will:

  • Provide vital information in the languages of your customers
  • Increase your customer base globally
  • Gain more traffic to your website
  • Establish new sales funnels
  • Assist with a wide range of customer service needs
  • Engage with your customers in a convenient and friendly way
  • Enhance customer loyalty to your brand
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Help increase your conversion rate
  • Alleviate the need to add staff to handle incoming inquiries
  • Save time, energy and resources

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