Professional translation made easy

Produced by real live human translators, backed by state-of-the-art technology, delivered efficiently and expeditiously.

INTRANSOL can handle all of your translation needs of any type of content in over 200 languages and dialects. We offer different levels of translation service to help you achieve your communication goals.

Publication-ready translations

The publication-ready translation service of  INTRANSOL features our multiple-phase Total Quality Translation Process conducted by our subject-specialized and industry-expert teams of native-speaking and accredited translators and proofreaders. Currently used terms and vocabulary are researched to ensure the highest level of accuracy, grammatical and linguistic integrity and cultural/technical authenticity. A publication-ready translation is for content that will be printed, published and distributed.

• Advertising copy
• Marketing content
• Legal documents

• Technical documents
• User manuals
• Instructions for Use (IFUs)
• Packaging
• Publications
• User guides
• Online help materials
• Websites
• Training materials

intransol certified translation

Certified translations

The certified translation service of INTRANSOL satisfies the strict legal requirements of organizations such as the USCIS for immigration purposes as well courts, hospitals, universities, etc. Each certified translation includes an official stamp stating that the document is a true and accurate translation of the original as well as our translator attestation. Certified translations can also be notarized, as required.

• Academic records
• Birth certificates
• Marriage certificates
• Divorce certificates
• Legal name changes
• Passports
• Immigration papers
• Adoption records
• Medical records
• Any official documents

Draft or summary translations

A summary translation is an economical solution for clients who just need to know the the general idea of a document or content without the added expense of several rounds of proofreading, editing and QA reviews. Summary translations are meant for internal use for documents that do not need to be published or communicated to third parties. This level of service is great for when you need to understand the “gist” of a document but do not wish to spend the money required for critical communication materials that must be flawless.

• Internal memos
• Budget documents
• Business proposal drafts
• Non-critical business correspondence
• Documents discussing points of view
• Drafts of magazine or newspaper articles
• Blogs

• Content that will not be distributed

Areas of expertise

INTRANSOL works in all fields and industries and we rigorously screen and select our teams for each project based on their proven knowledge, education, experience and industry expertise in specific subject areas such as:

Advertising & Marketing | Agriculture | Arts & Humanities | Automotive | Banking & Financial | B2B | B2C | Consumer Products | Cosmetics | Digital Marketing | Education | Entertainment | Fashion | Food & Nutrition | Global Regulatory | Government | Health & Beauty | Hospitality | Hotel Management | Human Rights | Immigration | Information Technology | Insurance | Labor Relations | Legal | Life Sciences | Literature | Manufacturing | Medical | Non-Profit | Packaging & Labeling | Public Relations | Restaurant Management | Social Services | Technology | Travel


Strategic partnerships

When you choose a translation company, chances are you are not just selecting a company for a single, one-off project. If your company is growing and expanding to global markets —and you are attracting a wide demographic of customers with different cultural and linguistic backgrounds— you need a translation company like INTRANSOL that will grow with you. INTRANSOL is a highly reliable, strategic global communications partner with the bandwidth and experience to manage your information, technical publications, files, terminology databases, marketing, identity and your global brand with accuracy, consistency, efficiency and complete professionalism.

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Global reach, local touch

Confidently expand your company to new global markets with local touch when your content, technical publications, user manuals or marketing materials are professionally translated as if they were originally written in the target language by experts in your industry. Backed by 30 years as an industry leader and the best linguists on the planet, INTRANSOL has exceeded the expectations of thousands of clients in all industries ranging in size from small firms to the Fortune 500.


The INTRANSOL translation teams consist of native-speaking, professional linguists who are at the top of their game in the language industry. We go to great lengths to screen and test our associates to make sure that only the most qualified, subject-specialized language professionals work on our client’s materials. INTRANSOL teams are accredited and/or certified by renowned organizations around the world such as:

  • The American Translators Association
  • The United Nations
  • La Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs
  • The Institute of Translation and Interpreting
  • The Institute of Linguists
intransol translation memory

Translation memories

Translation memory (TM) software helps our translators, proofreaders, editors and project managers turn projects around quickly by aligning text and populating databases of translated text. Words, phrases, sentences and entire blocks of text are analyzed. Repetitive language does not need to be re-translated each time, thus making the entire process more efficient, highly consistent and less costly. Translation memories grow with time so the more you translate, the more populated a memory becomes, and the more you save. Translation memories are meant for clients with ongoing translation needs in one or more languages with larger volumes of content.

Please get in touch with an INTRANSOL account manager to discuss your needs. We will be happy to analyze your files and share the report will the levels of repetitive text. Translation rates are then determined by the levels of unique, non-repetitive text, “fuzzy matches” or near repetitive text, and exact matches. Once created, translation memories are managed and archived by us but they are your property and will be provided to you at your request at any time.

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