Having a web presence in today’s global economy is vital to growing a solid customer base. But how easy is it for people of other languages who want to buy your products or services to find you? We all know that developing keywords for your English language site and having a solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is important. But how do you go about doing the same for your potential non English-speaking customers? This post explores some important things to consider and offers some tips to help getting your site found by people around the corner, or around the world who may be searching for your products or services in other languages.

Content Writing for SEO

Often times a website that is very well-written unfortunately may not contain the necessary keywords for the site to be found in searches. Content that is written so that a site will rank well focuses on keyword research and things like keyword density and keyword frequency. This must be done in a way so that it does not seem forced and so there is a natural flow and rhythm to the narrative. The content must tell a story, draw visitors in and keep them interested. Otherwise, the site may just be losing visitors. As an integral part of our multilingual SEO solutions, our digital marketing content writers will review your site’s current content to make sure it that it contains the keywords and elements needed to rank well in searches, has easy-to-index copy and is also interesting and compelling to provide your audience with a great user experience.

Multilingual Keyword Research

Your content strategy should always start with keyword research for the regions and languages you’re targeting. You should never just translate your existing keywords using Google translate and expect very good results. With our multilingual SEO solutions, our native-speaking digital marketing experts conduct in-depth research and investigation using advanced digital analytical tools that get inside the mindset of your new potential customers. We then create detailed reports of the keywords people will be using in specific languages and markets when they search for products or services in your industry. This includes the current jargon, lingo, buzzwords, expressions and industry or product-specific terms and expressions.

Metadata Optimization

Metadata descriptions, as well as alt tags, keyword synonyms, names and titles of pages are some of the most important variables of a website. When fully optimized, these elements play a very important role in how well your site will rank organically in search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. It’s very important to take the time with the entries in the backend of the site when localizing and optimizing a site to different languages. Our experienced multilingual SEO and digital marketing teams have the expertise and know-how to get these technical steps handled correctly.

Content Translation and Localization

The translation and localization of the content of a website and the optimization of its keywords, meta data, alt tags, synonyms, names and titles is perhaps the single most important and powerful tool to establish a solid presence in global markets. Having a site translated to another language is one thing. Having a site effectively localized and optimized so that it attracts traffic, ranks well in organic searches in other languages and holds reader’s attention is something quite different. Whether your current content is optimized or not, we’re here to help. Our teams will assist with the writing and optimization of your current site and with the translation, transcreation and localization of the content to other languages. 

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Translation and Optimization

If you currently use services such as GoogleAds, Yelp, or other PPC programs and want to reach customers in other languages, our multilingual digital marketing specialists will see to it that your PPC campaigns in English or any other languages get you the results you need for maximum exposure. Since PPC programs and ads generally require a limited number of words and characters, this type of translation requires a special approach that focuses on the effectiveness of the keywords and content as well as optimizing images.

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