Multilingual DTP

Layout, graphics and pre-press production

We work with a lot of very interesting characters!

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After all of the time, effort and money that you’ve invested in designing, writing and translating your materials in different languages, don’t take the unnecessary risk of having your print or online content unprofessionally produced.

When creating documents in other languages, special attention must be given to proper font selection, word breaks, punctuation, and many other stylistic considerations that vary greatly from English typography rules. Even a small error can negatively impact how your global customers will perceive your company and brand.

Punctuation rules in French and Spanish, for example, are much different than English. Where to hyphenate words in German always presents interesting twists. Working with right-to-left reading languages like Arabic, Farsi or Hebrew require specific Middle Eastern versions of layout applications such as Adobe InDesign or Illustrator. Double-byte languages like Chinese and Japanese require advanced typographical knowledge of Asian character sets including which font families are appropriate for certain materials, the treatment of font styles such as where and when to bold or italicize, and what font colors are linguistically and culturally acceptable, or not.

The Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP) services of INTRANSOL will make your print and online designs of brochures, catalogs, manuals or packaging come alive with the professional look and feel you need to impress your global customers in any language. Our seasoned multilingual production experts have the know-how, experience and expertise in working in all foreign languages, including Western, Non-western, Asian and right-to-left (RTL) reading languages.

INTRANSOL has decades of combined training, education and experience in multilingual desktop publishing, foreign language typesetting and prepress production in over 200 languages using all major layout applications. We have produced thousands of different types of print and online documentation including:

Abstracts | Announcements | Annual Reports | Articles | Booklets | Brochures | Bulletins | Business Cards | Case Studies | Catalogs | Clinical Trials | Conference Agendas | Company Profiles | Course Materials | Data Sheets | Directories | Employee Benefit Summaries | Employee Manuals | Employee Opinion Surveys | Enhanced Publications | Essays | Fact Sheets | Flyers | Folders | Glossaries | Government Documents | Green Papers | Guidebooks |Handbooks | Instructions For Use | Indexes | Journals | Leaflets | Legal Documents | Manuals | Newsletters | Notebooks | Packaging | Pamphlets | Patents | Policy Documents | Posters | Press Releases | Proceedings | Product Data Sheets | Programs | Questionnaires | Reports | Research Papers | Reviews | Scientific Journals | Sell Sheets | Specifications | Surveys | Tech Docs | Trade Directories | Tutorials | Web Content | White Papers

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