Translation Quality

Guaranteed translation results

We employ rigorous quality control standards to ensure complete translation accuracy with zero errors or omissions, impeccable grammatical and linguistic integrity and confirmed cultural authenticity for the intended target audience.

Translation quality assurance is part of our DNA. If your company is doing business around the world, your reputation as a global company is on the line. Translation quality can make or break your presence in world markets. For these reasons and others, it is work that INTRANSOL takes extremely seriously. When you are competing in global markets, there can be no room for embarrassing or costly errors. Getting it done right the first time and every time is essential. This is why INTRANSOL takes many steps and go to great lengths to make that happen.

The Total Quality Translation Process of INTRANSOL guarantees the highest possible levels of translation and localization quality. INTRANSOL employs ISO 17100 translation standards and all of our work is conducted by our rigorously screened and selected teams of native-speaking, accredited and industry-expert linguists. Several rounds of proofreading and QA reviews ensure complete accuracy, linguistic integrity, industry specificity and cultural authenticity. Each project is managed by a seasoned INTRANSOL account manager who is your direct point of contact throughout the entire project lifecycle.

1. Project review & quote

Determination of project scope to develop a tailored solution that focuses on specific client needs and requirements while adhering to budget parameters. File review and analysis, determination of target languages, audiences and markets, preparation of price quote and schedule with defined project steps and deliverables.

2. Project planning & coordination

Allocation of internal resources including selection of translation and proofreading teams, defining project goals and objectives, establishing communication channels and planning of additional project-specific requirements.

3. Linguistic preparation

Content review and familiarization by translation and localization teams including translation memory (TM) analysis, textual statistics and alignment, glossary and style guide development, review and leveraging of previous translations and research of industry-specific terminology.

4. Translation & proofreading

Conducted by teams of INTRANSOL™ native-speaking and industry-expert translators with the appropriate education, experience, backgrounds and subject-specialization. Lead translators proof the translations for the proofreaders and editors (the “second pair of eyes”) who will conduct the second round QA reviews.

5. Second round quality reviews

Includes thorough examination for complete translation accuracy, grammatical and linguistic integrity, cultural and technical authenticity, suitability for the agreed purpose, respect for the conventions of the domain or industry, recommending corrective measures and incorporating and necessary changes or corrections.

6. Proofs for review & approval

Optional client review phase of translated content including direct communication with client reviewers as needed and incorporation of client-reviewer edits.

7. Multilingual DTP & production

Using existing design files in all major layout applications for Mac or Windows (i.e., InDesign, Illustrator, Publisher, etc.), our multilingual production artists produce the  translated documentation for publication-readiness  with special attention given to proper fit, flow, pagination, line-breaks, accent marks and overall typographical integrity.

8. Final deliverables

Pre-flight and delivery of translated and localized content through pre-established file transfer channels. Certification, attestation and/or notarization of translated documents as needed. Indefinite archival of translated and localized assets for future updates and releases.

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